Garden Box

The customer initially contacted Everlast about potential renovations to their front yard. The front yard had been underdeveloped for quite a while. As a result, it was generally lacking in flourish. Over some discussion with the client, we figured out a solution that would meet their needs and our quality of craftsmanship. The end result would be at once modern, neat and slick.

Our team began by uprooting the existing front lawn, which over time had become a tangled mess. After that, we set the foundations with concrete, and consulted with our expert carpenters to plan and cut the dimensions of the ModWood timber. We enjoy working with ModWood for projects like these because of its long term durability. As ModWood is composed of recycled materials, it is the option of choice for environmentally conscious clients.

Concreting Services

After the ground was levelled, we concreted one corner of it with plain concrete and a stenciled border. We concreted the front of the house, and added the timber decking on top of the foundations. This worked to complement the existing architecture of the house. The front yard now effortlessly blends into the rustic bricking.

One of the best kept secrets in landscaping is that using proper edging and borders is all you need to bring out the best in a yard. This is why we elected to keep the planter boxes aligned with the edge of the deck; this offers a look that is meticulously planned and neat, whilst also requiring less maintenance than ever before!

One of Everlast’s advantages is that we’ve been working with local communities for our entire lifetime. We’ve built lasting relationships with quality local Australian suppliers which keep costs down and local businesses booming. Without even considering that for clients this means low overheads,  but it means we’re using only the highest-quality products available.

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