Boy oh boy, do we love a good decking at Everlast Services. This one is a thing of beauty. The back and side of the house were previously under-utilised. An yet, with little more than a few slats of wood, the living area of the home has been extended.

The beauty of a well-made hardwood deck is that with proper care it will last forever. The owner was happy to pay a little extra for quality lumber, and he’ll make that money back and then some when it comes time to sell the house.

Our chippies really revelled in the size of this deck. It gave them the chance to create all sorts of cuts and measurements and the boxing on the edge of the deck is an absolute treat for the eyes.

What about the staining? We told the owners that this wood deserves the best stain, and they were happy to oblige. We won’t give away our secrets, but we worked extra hard to make sure the finish was perfect. And, just look at that shine! We’ve had some feedback from the owner, and he said he finds himself standing at the door and staring at it for hours.

This deck can take an absolute beating too. The scratch of outdoor furniture or dogs paws won’t do a thing to the look.

Professional Deck Building Services

You just can’t get this quality with a DIY-project. Building a deck can be fun. But, if you want something that’s finished as perfectly as this, you really need a professional touch. Our carpenters have extensive experience in all aspects of decking and dealing with challenging spaces, like this one, is easy.

We couldn’t be prouder of the team. This is one of those projects where everyone in the office want’s to come around and see the finished product. The owners were happy with everything – especially the savings we were able to make by going through our trusted partner suppliers.

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