Custom Outdoor Pergola

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CLIENT: Wyndham Vale
SERVICES: custom pergola, concrete, retaining walls

There’s something inherently magical about a pergola, especially in the summertime when you can use it to create incredible memories with friends and family. But there’s something extra special about this pergola that the Everlast team created in Wyndham Vale.

This sublime custom design is made to look like there are branches over the top, which artificially incorporates elements of nature into the pergola. The effect that this has, particularly regarding the shadows that it casts, is unlike anything else and creates an atmosphere that is simultaneously whimsical and ultra-modern. The location of the pergola also means that the owners are able to admire the beauty of it from inside their home.

Retaining Walls, Concrete and Laser Cutting

As well as the pergola itself, the Everlast team skilfully constructed the retaining walls and poured the concrete. To create the branches, we used custom, high-tech laser cutting to precisely create the beautiful and intricate design to the customer’s specifications.

The retaining walls are structurally sound and will be able to endure whatever wild Melbourne weather is thrown at them. The concrete was poured perfectly, significantly decreasing any risk that cracks will appear. The choice of materials also means that this family won’t have to worry about any significant maintenance or upkeep; a quick hose is all that’s needed to get rid of any dirt or debris.

Professional Services

This is not the kind of project that can be DIY-ed. Thanks to the highly experienced Everlast team, the overall finish is impeccable and their incomparable craftsmanship means that this pergola will last for decades. What’s more, not only will it be the perfect space for entertaining all-year-round, this family have made a smart decision by adding value to their home and choosing professionals who were able to make their dreams a reality.

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