Werribee Landscaping

CLIENT: Werribee Family
SERVICES: Residential Landscaping

This transformation came in the form of a house’s front yard, aka: the first impression. The way your front garden landscaping looks, is the way that visitors, guests and even you, will get a sense of what to expect with the rest of your home. This client agreed, and knew when they were building their custom home, they wanted the best. They wanted Everlast.

When brainstorming design ideas, many homeowners think they can cut corners, or even making the mistake of thinking that it may be cheaper for them to do their own landscaping. When in reality, the cost of professional landscaping is not only essential to achieving a quality finish, but it is the key ingredient to adding value to your home through meticulous planning, and overall curb appeal.

There are many things that unfortunately, DIY’ers are unaware of. Things that it takes time for professional landscapers to learn. Draining systems, for example, or plant selection and building. Without this knowledge and expertise, it can end up costing time and money in the long run, as well as the potential property damages that may arise.

For this property, our clients let us take on their headache, creating a landscaping solution that both parties were thrilled with.

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