Ascot Vale Fencing, Landscaping & Concreting

Thanks to Everlast Services, this home in Ascot Vale has been able to reach its full potential and is bound to stun anyone with its magnificence. From concreting to landscaping to fencing, the Everlast team was able to utilise our wide variety of skills to create a finished product that we’re extremely proud of and that went above and beyond the homeowners’ expectations.



Starting at the front of the house, we installed a steel fence as well as a motorised front gate and a side gate. The white picket-fence look perfectly complements the quaintness of the home but the use of steel over timber means that it’s not susceptible to rot or decay. It also means that the fence needs very little maintenance, if any at all.


We also applied our landscaping expertise by planting a variety of trees, bushes and plants that fit the look the homeowners were going for. We finished the garden beds off with pebbles – or lilydale – topping, providing the garden an added layer of interesting textures and colours.


The real showstopper of the whole project, however, is the backyard. This backyard features a unique firepit that we were able to highlight with stoneworks all around it, creating steps that function as seating. This area allows the homeowners to have barbecues with friends and family in the summer and gather around a warm and cosy fire in winter.

Stamped Concrete

Finally, we finished the project off with a section of stamped concrete, which was poured to perfection in order to replicate bluestone. This section provides an extension to the entertainment area and generally ties the whole backyard together. It also decreases the amount of maintenance required by the homeowners and will continue to look incredible forever.

We are so proud of the finished result of this home and were so glad that the owners were as thrilled as we were.

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