Must-Dos for Landscaping Curb Appeal

If you thought a stunning landscape design for your front yard was out of reach on your own, think again. It’s not only possible to make your home sparkle from the street, it’s also easy to do, and it makes for a refreshing and satisfying DIY project any time of the year.

You know what they say – first impressions last. And if your home’s curb appeal has a little ‘wow’ factor to it when it comes into sight, it will make people stop and take notice. Friends, family and even potential home buyers will crave a closer look, and the value of your home can jump purely on street view alone.

Follow these tips below to give your front yard a professional make over that’s low cost, simple to achieve, and will create a stunning finish you will love.

Do Up Your Door

If your front door is visible from the street, it’s the perfect place to start. Dress it up a little to make it the focal point of your front yard. Try a unique material, add a splash of colour, or apply a style that matches the aesthetic of your interior. Polish up metal doorknobs or other features, and ensure they’re kept shiny and clean to reward any sticky beaks passing by.

Choose a Colour Palette

Just like fashion or art, think about your garden’s colour scheme and apply one that’s tried and true for a big impact. Complementary colours like purple and yellow work well, monochromatic (mixing similar colours) like purple and lilac can stand out, and analogous colouring will make your flowering plants centre stage.

Out with the Old

Overgrown plants can bring down your curb appeal, as can any that look unhealthy or sick. If your garden is looking a little tired, some solid maintenance in this area can usually clear it up. Remove the offenders, and take the time to select replacements that match your colour scheme and aesthetic. Cut back shrubs in the way of paths and doorways for easy wins.

Show Your Numbers

Make sure plants aren’t blocking your street number. Make sure it’s prominent, easy to read, and in a convenient location. Letterboxes also add a bit of personality to your home and make a bold statement right from the word go. Look for one that better represents you, and ensure it suits the colour and design of your front fencing.

Keep it Practical

It’s easy to get carried away with fancy decorations or landscaping tricks, but the best-designed yards are the easiest to use. The human eye loves order, and that includes function. Don’t add anything you don’t need to. It’s better to have a plain but well maintained and healthy lawn, then a somewhat scrappy one that’s home to a dozen bored looking garden gnomes.

Make it Yours

When looking for inspiration, always remember to keep it personal. Your garden is an extension of your personality, and your curb appeal should reflect that. Bring a touch of your personality to it, and if there’s something that doesn’t feel right, get rid of it. It’s the first step to creating an outdoor area that’s unique and memorable, rather than tired and done.

Symmetry is Key

Not only are symmetrical features easy on the eye, it’s also simple to put together. Think light fixtures, planting boxes, hand rails and flower arrangements. As a natural focal point, your front door is an ideal centre for a symmetrical composition. You can also lace your walkways with lanterns on either side, too. Go modern or traditional to match your home’s building type.

Statues and Outdoor Art

There’s nothing quite as elegant and beautiful as a perfectly placed birdbath or garden sculpture. They give outdoor areas an instant serenity and peace that radiates throughout your property. Put one in your front yard to pass on the effects to admirers in the streets.

Golden Gutters

How old is your home’s gutter system? Is it starting to look a little worn or damaged? Peeling paint, rust and other problems show neglect. Thankfully they’re easy to replace. Vinyl gutters are easy to install and don’t require painting, while copper and metal-based gutters might need a helping hand to put in. The effort and cost can be worth it, though.

Arrange a Planting Box

It might feel like cheating, but we promise it’s not. Make yourself an instant mini-garden that oozes colour and texture with a planting box, and place it in areas that feel like they’re lacking something. You can find them at garden shops, along with the seeds or ready-grown flowers to get your box off to a flying start.

Curb appeal isn’t just a vanity fix – it makes a big impact on how you and others feel about your home. If you apply some of the tips above to spruce up your view from the street, you’ll have yourself an enviable front yard in no time. And the interest from home buyers won’t hurt too much, either!

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