Moss Garden, Easy & Eco-friendly Garden With Maintenance-free

What Is a Moss Garden?

A moss garden is any deliberately cultivated outdoor spot that features moss. A moss garden is not necessarily all moss. You can also grow an indoor moss garden.

A moss garden is more than just beautiful. It tastes bad to deer, requires no mowing or fertilizer and thrives where many other plants cannot. Got gravelly or clay-rich soil? No problem. A moss garden will grow in both. But the environmental benefits truly make moss gardens desirable and important.

Is Moss Better Than Grass?

The answer is YES! Moss is better than grass. Moss gardens are more eco-friendly, lower maintenance and durable.

Is Moss Good For A Garden?

Absolutely Yes! Also, it has wider benefits.

Moss obtains its nutrients from the atmosphere. For this reason, it does an amazing job of cleansing the air of pollutants.

How Do I Start A Moss Garden?

It’s not as difficult as you might think!

  • Clear the area of weeds, leaves, and debris down to a bare and relatively firm soil surface.
  • Next lightly scratch the soil surface.
  • If your moss is dried, then soak in a bucket for a few minutes then firmly press the sections of moss into the soil. If your moss is already living and healthy, you do not need to soak it and can just press into the soil.
  • Then water the entire area thoroughly.
  • Keep it moist for the next 4-6 weeks while it establishes.

How to maintain a moss garden?

In general, moss is fairly low maintenance. It needs no fertilizer while watering may be needed in dry summers and weeding is essential.

  • Keep moss moist. A single moss plant is sometimes just one cell thick! That’s why frequent-but-short watering sessions are necessary for building up a robust moss colony.
  • Keep debris off of the moss. Moss gets its nutrients from the sun and air, not the soil. That’s why you remove weeds, conifer needles, bark, deciduous leaves and other plant debris that lands on or grows up through the garden.