Merbau Decking 90×19

Merbau Decking 90x19Who doesn’t like the look of Merbau? It’s one of the most beautiful natural materials we have to work with. It’s rich, and its natural oils give it a gleam and shine that is sure to be an eye-catcher. Our 90×19 slat sizes are perfect because they offer all the beauty of Merbau while being incredibly easy to work with.

The best part about Merbau is that it is incredibly hardy. The oils that give it its famous shine, also make it resistant to splitting and cracking, so once they’re installed you know they’ll last. We’ll also provide you with a high-quality stain that will make your 90×19 slats weather-resistant, meaning you can enjoy your decking all year round and it will stand firm under the baking sun or driving rain.

You can use our slats to construct a deck that will give you a whole new space to enjoy within your home. It will become a design piece, and a centre point of your backyard, while giving you a fantastic area to design the rest of your garden around.

With Everlast Services on your side, you’ll end up with a deck that looks incredible, because we know how to choose slats that create a beautiful natural hue on your deck. We know how to construct a deck that works with your space and fits in with your backyard. We’ve been doing it for 20-years, so you know you’re in good hands.

You can also pick up from slats for us for your DIY-project, and we’ll pass on our expert advice and teach you the secrets behind working with Merbau.

Why Everlast for Your Merbau Decking 90×19?

  • We source our Merbau from local suppliers because we believe in supporting local jobs. Our commitment to these suppliers has allowed us to build relationships and pick up the products at reduced prices. This means that we can complete your decking project or supply timber to you at competitive prices, without sacrificing on quality.
  • We’re a family owned and operated company, which means we place customer-service first. Your wishes will always be at the forefront of our activities, and you can rely on us to provide you with a first-class service throughout the project.
  • Because we’ve been around for 20-years, we can create a decking solution that perfectly suits your aspirations and your space. Of course, it’s your house and your project, so you will oversee the project, but we’ll be there to lend our expertise.
  • In addition to our decking services, we also offer a whole range of services that are designed to beautify your backyard. We can build you a pergola, a water feature and even landscape your pool! Whatever you need, we have the skilled tradesmen on hand to create something spectacular.

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