Merbau Decking 140×19

Merbau Decking 140x19At Everlast Services, we love Merbau. It looks incredible, thanks to its natural oils and hues, and once it’s installed our customers enjoy a deck that looks rich and warm all year round. Our 140×19 slats are very popular because they give that thick, spaced look that is a timeless choice for decks. The best part is, Merbau is renowned for its pliability meaning we can use it to create whatever look or style you like.

Merbau is also famously durable. Those oils that have made it one of the most popular choices in hardwood also make it resistant to cracking and splitting. On top of this natural durability, we finish the job with a high-quality stain that will ensure it stands strong during the baking summer, cold winter and wet spring.

Your deck will increase your enjoyment of your home, and add value to it. You’ll have an entirely new space to enjoy, and it will transform your backyard into a design piece of your backyard and your home. We hand select each slat to give you a deck that looks uniform but contains enough natural variation to honour the material.

We’ve been building decks for the people of Melbourne for over 20-years. We know how to create one that suits your space and your intentions. You couldn’t be in better hands. We’ll provide you with a skilled team of tradespeople that will be there with you throughout the project, from design to installation.

If you don’t need a deck, you can still visit us and pick up some slats for your own DIY-project. You’ll love our competitive prices!

Why Everlast for Your Merbau Decking 140×19?

  • We’re focused on giving back to our local community, so we source our 140×19 Merbau slats from local suppliers. These suppliers reward us with reduced prices meaning we can construct your deck, and pass on our slats to our customers are very competitive prices.
  • Since we started over 20-years ago, we’ve built our reputation on excellent customer service. It’s not enough for us to just build a deck, we want you to feel looked after and respected. That’s why we work hard to open a direct line of communication and ensure you remain in charge or proceedings throughout the project.
  • When it comes to building a deck for your home, you need experience. We’ve been around for 20-years so we have the experience you need to guide you through the project, and ensure you end up with a decking that will provide you with decades of enjoyment.
  • We offer much more than decking services. We are your one-stop shop for all of your home improvement services. Whether you need a garden makeover, a patio built or a vertical garden added, we’re on hand with our commitment to customer service, quality and affordability.

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