irrigation sprinkler systemsFor a climate as unpredictable as Melbourne’s, it makes sense to install a well-functioning irrigation system. At Everlast Services, we have a history of experience installing multiple types of water irrigation systems. When it comes to garden irrigation and drainage solutions, we specialise in drip systems and sprinkler systems. As a full-service landscape and materials company, we also manufacture our own supplies.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems utilise a network of sensors, valves and tubing to deliver water directly to the roots of your garden. Whilst generally more expensive to install than surface sprinkler systems, there are a number of distinct advantages to the drip method. Drip irrigation systems can:

  • Accommodate environments of all kinds
  • Maximise water and fertiliser by reducing evaporation and leaching
  • Make use of recycled water
  • Involve less labour than sprinkler systems, and usually operate using less energy than surface irrigation systems
  • Deliver water where it’s needed most

Sprinkler Systems

For certain types of environment, sprinkler systems of different kinds achieve fantastic results. Providing you have a correctly installed rain sensor, sprinkler systems can provide the all-important sustenance your land requires over vast areas.

Whilst sprinkler systems require more water to offer the same hydration as drip irrigation systems due to evaporation, you can water early in the morning to reduce the evaporation rate. We list some of the advantages of sprinkler systems below:

  • Can cover large areas at a fraction of the cost of drip irrigation systems
  • Modern sprinkler systems can be remotely controlled
  • Sprinkler systems provide an economically minded response to dry weather

Why Choose Everlast Services

Everlast Services proudly provides top-quality workmanship, irrigation supplies and systems to the Victorian public. Australian owned, Everlast is able to offer truly outstanding prices thanks to a few key factors.

First, our efficiency, project management, and service excellence is second to none. But importantly, we manufacture many of our own materials at our first-class manufacturing plant in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne. So when you choose Everlast Services, you’re also supporting local Australian contractors and manufacturers.

We have a clear mission here at Everlast: to offer outstanding services and irrigation supplies at an affordable price. And this isn’t just talk.

So how can we manage this in today’s market? The answer is simple. We’re proud to say that our 20 years’ worth of experience in landscape design and materials manufacturing mean that we understand this business inside and out. But moreover, we have the capacity to manufacture our own materials. In this way we cut out the middle man, and save you money. 

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