claddingCladding is one of those rare construction elements that achieve multiple purposes all at once. Firstly, external cladding allows you to protect your home from the elements by providing another layer of protection from rain, wind, sun and cold. It also allows you to improve the aesthetic of your home by opening up a range of design opportunities that can be changed over time, meaning you don’t have to lock your home into a singular look.

Everlast Services can provide you with a variety of cladding systems, from timber to stone, concrete to even metal. Our steel fabrication plant in Hoppers Crossing allows us to create fully-customisable options for you and keep the price down by cutting out the middle man.

Our expert team will be more than happy to visit your property and discuss options with you. After 20 years in the industry we know what works and we know how to come up with a solution that is functional and visually pleasing.

Why Choose Everlast for Your Cladding?

  • We specialise in a number of cladding systems, giving you the freedom to weigh up a number of materials before making your choice. No matter which material you choose you can be sure that you’ll be getting it at an unbeatable price, due to our relationships with suppliers and our ability to keep a lot of the fabrication in-house.
  • Everlast Services is 100% Australian owned and operated. If you’re passionate about supporting the local economy you’ve come to the right place. We’ve made a commitment to our community by choosing to source everything we can from local suppliers, meaning your money will go back into the community we all love.
  • Our experience allows us to provide you with a huge variety of options. We will work with you to ensure you get a solution that works for you, your home and your aesthetic vision.
  • If you’re look for something more than cladding, we offer a comprehensive selection of construction services. Our talented team can also take care of all of your fencing, concreting, landscaping and decking needs. 

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If you want to revitalise your home or give it that extra bit of protection form the elements contact us today, we’ve got a huge array of cladding options to suit your home and your budget:

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