Illuminate your Backyard

Having a barbecue, enjoying the cool or exercising in the backyard even after the sun goes down? By installing backyard lighting, you can continue your party after dusk, enhance the atmosphere and also protect your property from potential threats. Have fun!

There are three important reasons for lighting in the backyard.

  1. Guard your home for safety reasons, backyard lighting can not only provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere but also protects your home.

From entrances, garage, to garden, eaves, you can install wall lamp on the garage door, spotlights on eaves, or motion sensor floodlight at entrances or outer wall panel. Motion sensor floodlight lights up only when the built-in sensor detects the movement of this area. Their intense light exposes prowlers and may trick them into thinking you’re home and staying alert, even if you’re not.

  1. Lighting for you: the functions of backyard lighting also provide you with soft to medium brightness lighting for outdoor activities.

Having a path lamp (light of medium brightness) can make you walk safely on the path; having a string light, lantern or wall lamp (soft lights) when dining outdoor provides you with a serene atmosphere; having lights on the deck to prevent from tripping hazard and visual confusion.

  1. Highlight your backyard, without good lighting, you can’t enjoy your beautiful garden at night.

You can use spotlights, which are also called “upward lighting” or landscape lighting, with narrow, medium to high intensity upward illumination beams. It is usually used to show/highlight the plant or decorative features. You can install spotlights under tall trees or under decorations, or above the ground to make them look more vivid.

To illuminate tall objects, such as trees, you can also choose the bullet-shaped light and then drive it into the ground. The bullet lamp has an adjustable head, which is located on the ground, and projects a bright light needle at the angle you choose for a longer distance.

For short features, such as shrubs, it is recommended to use a circular spotlight, which can project light upwards for a short distance.

Now, enjoy your nightlife in the backyard!


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