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Steel Gates with timber slats Melbourne Manufacturers of Steel Gates Melbourne

They say that first impressions last a lifetime, so why should your home be any different? Your house’s gate is the first thing that your visitors will see, so it should definitely make a statement.

At Everlast Services, we are the master craftsmen when it comes to gates in Melbourne. If you’re after the best in privacy, security and aesthetics, then Everlast’s steel gates should definitely be considered.

We design our steel gates to be durable, contemporary and easy to maintain – perfect for yourself and everyone walking buy your premises. Because we manufacturer and design our frames ourselves, you can customise every facet of your order. From design, material, colour and size, the possibilities are endless.

Types of Steel Gates

We manufacture all types of steel gates including:

Gate Design & Installation

With more than 20 years experience in all types of metal gates and fences, we can custom make your dream gate and then install it to perfection.  There isn’t a job we can’t handle. We know all there is to about the industry, meaning we can apply our knowledge to any of your projects. Steel gates are one of our specialties, as well as one of the most versatile materials to protect your property.

  • DG1 – White Aluminium Picket Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG2 – White Aluminium Picket Double Gate Front View- Hoppers Crossing
  • DG3 – Black Post + Frame + Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Altona
  • DG4 – Primrose Frame + Black Slats Double Gate Front View 2
  • DG4 – Primrose Frame + Black Slats Double Gate Front View
  • DG6 – Black Frame + Post Horizontal Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Point Cook
  • DG7 – Black Post + Frame with Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG8 – Black Frame + Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Laverton
  • DG9 – Bluestone Frame + Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG10 – Pearl White Vertical Slats Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG11 – Horizontal Aluminium Slats Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG12 – Horizontal Bluestone Slats Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG13 – Diagonal Steel Slats Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG14 -Woodland Grey Colourbond Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG15 – Meadow Colourbond Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG16 – Custom Steel Pattern Design Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG17 – Black Arc Spear Steel Motorised Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG18 – Black Frame with Vertical Jarrah Slats and Scroll Work
  • DG19 – Charcoal Slats Double Gate
  • DG20 – Black Horizontal Slats Driveway Gate
  • DG21 – Black Post + Frame with WRC Slats Double Gate
  • DG22 – Green Colourbond Double Gate
  • DG23 – Ironstone Horizontal Slats Double Gate
  • DG24 – Monument Slats Double Gate with 0mm Gap
  • DG25 – Motorised Double Gate Back
  • DG26 – Horizontal Aluminium Slats Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG27 – Diagonal Steel Slats Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG28 – Galvanised Frame wtih WRC Slats Double Gate
  • DG29 – Motorised Slats Double Gate
  • DG30 – Black Horizontal Slats Double Gate – Maidstone
  • DG31 – Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG32 – Jasper Slats Automatic Double Gate
  • DG33 – Slats Fence with Double Gate
  • DG34 – Slats Double Gate in Plumpton
  • DG35 – Slats Double Sliding Gate
  • DG36 – Aluminium Slats Uneven Double Gate with Reinforced Bar 2
  • DG37 – Aluminium Slats Double Gate with Side Fencing



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Why Use Everlast Services Steel Gates?

  • Steel is built to last. Not only is it heavy and resistant to the elements, it is also strong, powerful material, making it perfect for both protective and decorative gates.
  • Steel can be moulded and customised to fit into any number of environments. The height, colour, size and design of metal gates can all be automated for you.
  • If you are trying to build add security to your perimeter with a gate, then steel is definitely the way to do that. It is a very difficult material to break or cut through – pointed tops can also make it hard to be jumped over.
  • If steel is treated correctly in the manufacturing stage, it will not require much maintenance. The majority of steel has been pre-galvanized to ensure it won’t rust years down the track, making it one of the most durable materials.
  • We manufacture our gates in our very own Hoppers Crossing factory. So, we stand buy the quality of our products, as well as the fact that they are 100% Australian made and owned.
  • We are a steel fabricator and steel wholesaler, meaning we can design and manufacture in-house all the parts you will ever need. We also sell wholesale and direct to the public, cutting out the expensive middleman costs. This allows us to remain at a competitive price point, making our products cheaper for you.

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