Metal Gates

DG23 - Grey

If you choose a metal gate from Everlast Services you know it will be tough, and built to last. If you have one of our metal driveway gates at your family home, you can rest assured you are 100% protected at all times of the day and night.

Metal is a strong and long-lasting gate material, making it ideal when constructing a protective or practical gate. They are also heavy and weather-resistant, which makes them perfect for locations that battle the elements.

Because we design and customise all of our products at our own manufacturing plant, we can treat our metal entry gates with a protective coating, this allows them to withstand rust. We can also tailor your gate to your specifications, giving you the option to select everything about your design. From colour to size, material and pattern – your metal gate will be the essence of you.

We are always more than happy to visit your property, giving you more detailed insight into our processes, finding the best gate design to suit your needs.

  • DG1 – White Aluminium Picket Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG2 – White Aluminium Picket Double Gate Front View- Hoppers Crossing
  • DG3 – Black Post + Frame + Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Altona
  • DG4 – Primrose Frame + Black Slats Double Gate Front View
  • DG4 – Primrose Frame + Black Slats Double Gate Front View 2
  • DG6 – Black Frame + Post Horizontal Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Point Cook
  • DG7 – Black Post + Frame with Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG8 – Black Frame + Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Laverton
  • DG9 – Bluestone Frame + Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG10 – Pearl White Vertical Slats Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG11 – Horizontal Aluminium Slats Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG12 – Horizontal Bluestone Slats Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG13 – Diagonal Steel Slats Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG14 -Woodland Grey Colourbond Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG15 – Meadow Colourbond Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG16 – Custom Steel Pattern Design Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG17 – Black Arc Spear Steel Motorised Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG18 – Black Frame with Vertical Jarrah Slats and Scroll Work
  • DG19 – Charcoal Slats Double Gate
  • DG20 – Black Horizontal Slats Driveway Gate
  • DG21 – Black Post + Frame with WRC Slats Double Gate
  • DG22 – Green Colourbond Double Gate
  • DG23 – Ironstone Horizontal Slats Double Gate
  • DG24 – Monument Slats Double Gate with 0mm Gap
  • DG25 – Motorised Double Gate Back
  • DG26 – Horizontal Aluminium Slats Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG27 – Diagonal Steel Slats Double Gate – Werribee
  • DG28 – Galvanised Frame wtih WRC Slats Double Gate
  • DG29 – Motorised Slats Double Gate
  • DG30 – Black Horizontal Slats Double Gate – Maidstone
  • DG31 – Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Hoppers Crossing
  • DG32 – Jasper Slats Automatic Double Gate
  • DG33 – Slats Fence with Double Gate
  • DG34 – Slats Double Gate in Plumpton
  • DG35 – Slats Double Sliding Gate
  • DG36 – Aluminium Slats Uneven Double Gate with Reinforced Bar 2
  • DG37 – Aluminium Slats Double Gate with Side Fencing



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Why Choose Everlast Services?

  • Every aspect of our product comes directly out of our Hoppers Crossing factory. Because we can oversee the production of our gates, we stand behind the quality 100%.
  • We withhold our commitment to sourcing our entire gate and fencing inventory comes from within the country, as you can be assured all of our materials are Australian made and owned.
  • One of our greatest achievements is manufacturing and installing quality gates at an affordable price point.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience within the gating and fencing industry. This gives us the expert knowledge that we can apply to your project, delivering a result that will exceed all your expectations.
  • As well as being a leading fencing and gate contractor in Melbourne, we are also a steel wholesaler and fabricator. What this means is that we can design and manufacture all the parts for your metal gate, selling them directly to you. This cuts out the expensive middleman costs, making our products cheaper when it comes to purchasing.

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