Welded Mesh Fencing

welded mesh fencing

Weld Mesh Fencing Made In Melbourne

Welded mesh fencing also known as steel mesh fencing or galvanised mesh fencing is used in a variety of different circumstances. They offer the highest level of perimeter security, creating barriers and enclosures in a variety of different (and customisable) panel sizes, wire diameters and aperture sizes.

Welded Mesh Fencing Uses

This type of fencing is ideal for highly sensitive areas that require some sort of selective entry. And due to its durable and intimidating nature, it offers quality, maximum levels of security that are a must in these types of situations.

The welded mesh panels are 100% impenetrable by hand and are also extremely difficult to break down using professional hand tools. The fence can also be specially manufactured to your unique configurations, meaning it will suit any project requirement.

Welded Mesh Fencing Installation

In order to maintain the integrity of welded mesh fencing, professional installation solutions are required. Everlast Services has the ability to provide a range of on-site installation solutions, equipped with the materials needed to deliver both small and large scale fencing projects.

Welded Mesh Fence Costs

If you’re looking for a new welded mesh fence, we’d be happy to give you a free quote.  Contact us on 9369 2066.

Why Choose Everlast?

  • Everlast Services is a family owned company, which means put client satisfaction first. We stand by our commitment to both quality, and the community, due to our extensive 20 years experience in the industry.
  • We employ dozens of local fencing experts to carry out our projects in Melbourne, with each staff member available to guide and support you with your questions.
  • Security fencing is our specialty, and we are completely capable of undertaking both small and large projects.
  • Our tradesmen are experts in their field, and we have ensured they are complete with the qualifications to get the job done right.
  • Our extensive range of welded mesh fencing is completely customisable, which means your project can be manufactured specially to your unique specifications.
  • All of our products are made through our state of the art factory in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne. And because we put the customer first, we ensure all of our fences are built to stand the test of time.
  • We don’t just specialist in fencing, our extensive catalogue of services means we can help you with landscaping, concreting, decking – just about anything.

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