fabrication and welding servicesWhat sets Everlast Services apart from the rest of the competition? Well, we offer the highest quality services and products at unbeatable prices. So, how do we keep costs low without sacrificing quality?

We made the decision to invest in our company, and in the local economy by creating our own steel & metal fabrication plant. This allowed us to cut out the middleman, make our own custom products and maintain control over quality while cutting costs.

The results have been incredible. Not only have we been able to create more jobs, but we have been able to deliver products that we know our customers can rely on. We love having that peace of mind, and it’s been a pleasure to watch our factory become a place of incredible skill and dedication to the craft.

Why Choose Everlast for Fabrication?

  • Not only do we manufacture our own goods, we source all our raw materials from local suppliers. We truly believe in supporting the local economy and putting the money our customers give us right back where it belongs.
  • Whatever you need fabricated, you can rely on us to do it affordably. There’s no room for inflated quotes at Everlast; we only charge what is fair and reasonable. We want everyone to have access to our quality services, so don’t think that dream job is out of reach, give us a call, you’ll be surprised
  • We’ve filled our plant with highly-qualified and experienced tradespeople. We also make sure they are passionate about what they do because passion translates to success. People are amazed when they come and visit our plant; it’s a veritable hub of creativity and skill.
  • We do much more than just fabrication. We also offer a design and installation service for the full suite of home improvement services. We provide comprehensive service lines in landscapingpavingdecking and concreting. Everyone that pulls on the Everlast uniform is skilled and passionate so that you can be sure of absolute quality. The best part is, we look after you at every stage, so you only have to deal with one provider and one quote.

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