Cyclone Wire Fencing Panels

cyclone fencingAn icon in Australia for durability and security, cyclone fencing is one of the most versatile options for design and function for your home. These fences are made with heavy duty steel. Everlast manufactures them right here in our factory in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne.

Cyclone fencing is also known as chain wire fencing, wire mesh fencing or diamond fencing. It was originally built as a tough solution for Australian farmers in the outback to withstand heavy winds and harsh weather. They also offered a very affordable option. Their perfect balance of security and visibility makes them popular for schools, sporting stadiums and industrial sites.

Because of their strength and low cost, they offer incredible value. This makes them a smart option for enclosing backyards, animal enclosures, and anywhere else where security is a priority. Whatever your fence project, cyclone fencing can be made and installed it to meet your exact specifications.

Our fencing experts have over 30 years of experience recommending and fitting high-quality fencing for our customers. For your next residential project, or all things commercial, talk to the leaders in fencing at Everlast. We can work with you to create a solution that delivers results you need, with a budget you’ll be smiling at.

Why Go With Everlast For Cyclone Fencing?

  • Our steel products are made here in Hoppers Crossing. They’re built to strict specifications to stand up in all conditions. When you buy from us, you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality Australian steel money can afford.
  • Everlast has over 30 years of experience installing high-quality fences in Melbourne’s western suburbs. We are the leading fencing experts for your home.
  • Highest quality workmanship. Everlast has qualified and experienced tradesmen who know how to get the job done right.
  • We are local, family owned business. Our steel quality matched by our service. This is our community, and we are proudly a part of it. Come visit us for advice or support anytime.
  • Everlast can offer you more for your next project than just quality fencing. We are your one-stop shop for everything outdoors, including concreting, decking, landscaping and more.

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