Decking FAQs

This page covers some of the common questions we get asked about decking.

Q: Is Merbau good for decking?
A: Everlast Services believes Merbau is one of the best decking timbers for both functional and aesthetic advantages. The natural oils make it attractive, incredibly hard-wearing and resistant against splitting and cracking. With Everlast Services providing a quality finish, Merbau decking is an elegant durable option.

Q: What are the best types of hardwood decking available?
A: Everlast Services has built a quality reputation over 20 years and only uses locally sourced products for hardwood decking installation. Recommended decking timbers include: Merbau, Jarrah, Blackbutt, Treated Pine, Spotted Gum and Cumaru. These popular decking timbers provide durability and elegance.

Q: Does our new deck need to be stained or painted?
A: Ideally yes. Everlast Services suggests staining or painting your new deck in order to protect your investment from the elements and extend the quality of the work. Decking stains and paints are specifically designed to offer superior protection from the harsh realities of nature whether it be heat, hail, wind or snow.

Q: What is composite decking?
A: Composite decking is made from recycled plastic products and wood grain. This eco-friendly product is coloured during the manufacturing process negating painting or staining for decades. The addition of plastic to the wood fibre means the planks are mildew and insect resistant, less prone to rot and easier to install due to the uniformity of the plank sizes.

Q: What are the pros/cons of a composite deck?
A: Composite decking requires relatively no maintenance in comparison to a natural wood deck. It won’t splinter, rot or become susceptible to insect damage. Additionally, most composite decks have built-in UV resistance, so they won’t fade as much as natural wood. Composite decking boards are versatile and durable, built in a range of colours and sizes, so they fit any project, whether a large deck, a small porch or swimming pool.
Expect to pay more for composite decking initially, the savings on maintenance will present in time. Darker composite deck colours may eventually fade over time due to unavoidable UV rays and extreme weather. They can also experience surface damage such as scratching and gouging from high foot traffic.

Q: Are you registered as a deck builder?
A: Everlast Services are proud to be completely Australian owned and operated. We are registered with Master Builders Australia, Building Commission Australia and the Housing Industry Association (HIA). With more than 20 years expertise, we know all there is to know about all types of outdoor decking. We have a technologically advanced showroom and plant in Melbourne’s west, in Hoppers Crossing. We have always (and will continue to) manufacture all the steel products that we use in Melbourne. So, by using Everlast you’re contributing to Australia’s local economy.

Q: What is the best material for a pool deck?
A: Everlast Services pay particular attention to materials specially designed to perform in wet areas like pool decks. Having worked extensively with Merbau, Jarrah and Yellow Stringybark, we can ensure that your pool decking won’t bow in the wet or flake paint within the year. Our pool decks are built tough, using the best materials for specialised wet conditions.

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