Creative Tropical Garden Ideas

When referring to tropical gardens, vibrant flowers, large foliage in colors ranging from vibrant lime green to deep forest green appear. This type of look is not out of reach for you. Even if your climate doesn’t allow you to grow every plant you’d seen in Hawaii, you can still get a tropical garden aesthetic in your own backyard.

1. Choose Tropical Garden Plants.

What type of plants are in a tropical garden? Plants with the visual qualities of tropical plants are good choices. You’d be surprised at how some plants can contribute to creating a resort-style look. With the right combination of plants, you can give any garden a tropical feel, such as Large leaves, Vibrant blooms, Colorful foliage.

2. Give Your Pool Area a Resort-Like Feel.

If you have a pool, it is an excellent idea to add tropical plants in and around your pool area, which can completely alter the appearance and feeling of the space. Grouping pots around your pool deck is a simple solution. Choose plants in varying heights and colors for the best effect and to create a secluded feeling. Then, swimming or lounging in the water and looking out to see lush greenery and bright blooms can make it feel like you’re on a getaway at a resort.

3. Be Strategic About Colors & Pattern.

Sometimes, a few elements in the right color or pattern works perfectly. On a patio, for example, the right outdoor pillows next to a container garden with just a subtle tropical vibe does the trick. An outdoor blanket, lounge chair, or cushions in vibrant colors or appropriate patterns are other items that work to liven things up.

4. Make the Most of Your Space.

Outdoor space is limited?  Just a few coordinating containers can create an eye-catching vignette. Consider creating a combination of multiple plants in a larger container first. Then, feature some of the plants you used in that container on their own in smaller containers. Place those around the larger display to create cohesion.

5. Transform a Corner.

A tropical makeover is a great solution for your garden or patio. Use containers to add plants that fit in with the scene, and don’t forget to include a piece of outdoor furniture to provide a spot to lounge and enjoy the scenery.

6. Use a Backdrop for Visual & Physical Support.

A small backdrop such as a wooden fence or wrought-iron trellis provides a spot for plants to lean on, and it also contributes to the scene by introducing a new material. Have a garden bed that feels incomplete? Add a backdrop and plant a tropical flower garden in front of it.

7. Incorporate a Water Feature.

Adding a water feature to a tropical garden is a must. And it doesn’t have to be huge! Even just the sound of water from a small electric fountain can make a big difference. The trickle of water adds tranquility and contributes to the overall theme of the space.