Concreting FAQs

This page covers some of the common questions we get asked about concreting.

Q: What are the different types of concrete you do?
A: Everlast Services has built a quality reputation over 20 years and only uses locally sourced products for plain concrete, slate driveways, coloured concrete, stamped concrete, stencil concrete, concrete driveways and exposed aggregate concrete.

Q: Is sealing concrete necessary?
A: Everlast Services recommends sealing concrete as a necessary part of the installation and maintenance processes. A sealer enhances the look of concrete providing a richness and gloss to the overall appearance. It will also protect concrete from the elements such as fading due to sun exposure, staining or surface damage plus corrosion from water and mineral salts absorption.

Q: How long before you can drive on a new concrete driveway?
A: 7 days is the industry standard, before parking on a newly poured concrete driveway. By then, you can park your personal vehicle on it. During the first 24 hours, a newly poured concrete driveway should have no traffic on it at all—even foot traffic. After 48 hours, people can walk on the concrete, but skateboards, bicycles, prams and so on, should not be used on the concrete. After 30 days, the concrete has developed its intended strength and heavier vehicles and equipment can be parked. This is also the best time for a sealant to be applied.

Q: What is the best type of driveway?
A: Everlast Services is back by 20 years of craftsmanship and experience and can highly recommend exposed aggregate, plain concrete, pavers, stamped concrete and stenciled concrete as the best materials for superior quality driveways.

Q: Do you sell raw materials only?
A: Everlast Services is happy to provide specific advice on availability in your area. 

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