Aluminium Slat Fencing

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Aluminium slat fencing offers the latest in architectural style, with clean, modern lines, laser cut privacy screens, balustrade posts and a sharp finish that are sure to improve the aesthetics, and value, of any type of building.

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Aluminium Slat Fencing Sizes

Aluminium-Slat-Fencing-75x16-90x16We stock a range of sizes, among our most popular are the 90 x 16 and 75 x 16 size. Here’s an idea of what you can achieve with them:

  • 90 x 16 Aluminium Slats: This size is perfect for privacy screens. We also love using them for swing and sliding gates and they are great for fencing. They’re very popular for use as window hoods and they provide excellent protection from sun, wind and rain.
  • 75 x 16 Aluminium Slats: This is our favourite size for fencing. They’re perfect because they are sleek but wide enough to provide the security and privacy that our customers need from their fence. We pair this size with rendered brick to create a striking aesthetic and really amp up the curbside appeal of our customer’s houses.

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